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What is the typical delivery time for an average order.
Three weeks after customer supplied material arrives at our shop.
Do you work with materials other than aluminum?
Yes, we provide coatings for both steel and stainless steel.
What is your limit on the material thickness you work with?
On material thickness greater than .25 thick additional costs will be applied for special handing.
Do you provide material for projects?
No, this avoids any unnecessary mark up on material. All major material suppliers know us very well and where to deliver customer supplied materials.
What is the largest sheet size you can handle for Decoral Image applications.
Width of 4’ and length of 24” in the double membrane equipment.
What is the largest diameter you can handle in aluminum extrusions?
12” inches for large columns. Typical extrusions average 1” to 6” for hand rails.
What is your size capacity?
Items within the sizes of 60” x 18” x 384” should fit without a concern. Items that are larger than this may fit, but please contact us to confirm. Additionally Gravity must be accounted for, so please supply holes or inform us where we can leave rack marks.
What types of metal can you paint?
We primarily paint aluminum on which we can offer a warranty. We also paint other metals, but with no warranty. This includes, but is not limited to Steel, galvalume, anodized, and ACM.
What Warranties do you offer?
We offer flow through warranties on aluminum from our suppliers. Most warranties are 5 year or 10 year warranties depending on the product and building location. 20 year warranties are available but require a request in advance. With the limited exceptions there is no warranty on non-aluminum items.
I have an architectural specification; Does your product meet these specifications?
Architectural Specifications are written in many different formats. If you are unsure of the specification, send the specification to us to look at.
What is your standard Lead-Time?
Our standard Lead-Time is 2 weeks or less once we have everything we need to do the job (Metal, Paint color/approval, PO).
What is your pricing?
All jobs are batch processes. Call or send us your information and we will provide you with a quote.
Do you pick-up and deliver?
No. We do not pick-up or deliver. All shipments to and from Artisan are the customers responsibility (FOB: Artisan/Marysville WA)