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Custom Imagery Powder Coating

Use your own custom image in our powder coating system to make products stand out and demand attention. Artisan Finishing provides high-quality dye-sublimation for simulated wood-grain, stone, and any custom design/graphic you like. Its so realistic it is difficult to tell the difference from the real material.

A coat of powder is applied to a metal substrate and semi-baked to take your custom graphic into the material. When cooled, the custom imagery look is applied and vacuumed to remove air pockets. To facilitate the perfect decorative coating fuse, a final bake of the combined system is performed.

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Advantages of Custom Image Sublimation

  1. Sublimation is an eco-friendly, saving on waste and avoiding harsh pollutants
  2. Stands up to the wear and tear of exterior exposure including UV rays.
  3. We can easily and efficiently reproduce any Custom Graphic or Design.
  4. Our technologically advanced process yields low maintenance costs.
  5. Custom Imagery enhances the look, and value to your products.
  6. We can work the imagery into nearly any shape or form

Application for Custom Image coating:

  1. Signage
  2. Exterior and Ceiling Panels
  3. Windows
  4. Doors and Garage Doors
  5. Store Fixtures – Shelves, Displays, Countertops, etc.
  6. Appliances and Kitchen Cabinets
  7. Benches, Tables, Chairs, etc.
  8. Decorative Decks and Railings
  9. Awnings